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We provide professional cleaning services, supply full range of cleaning chemicals, equipment and accessories, contract cleaning and pest control. Call 6088-214178 or email us to arrange for consultantion.

Contract Cleaning Service

We provide professional cleaning services for commercial and industrial properties. Our contract cleaning services are dependable and competitively priced.

Fully qualified and certified for contract cleaning and Pest Control in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

We supply a full range of housekeeping and industrial cleaning chemicals, equipment and accessories for all your hygiene requirements. We have a complete and comprehensive range of washroom accessories, hygiene products, cleaning equipment for both commercial and household use.

Pest Control

For effective and safe pest control services, in residential and commercial locations.

Pest Control Solution in 3 Steps
Step 1:Pre-Baiting
Step 2:Using Toxicant
Steps 3:Colony Control