Buffing Shine C225

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Buffing Shine Buffing Solution C225 Concentrated Solution

Buffing Shine C225 is a brilliant buffing solution that contains polyethylene for maximum long life protection for all floors. Used to provide floors with a brilliant shine, and protects against normal wear and tear.

This range of concentrated Buffing Solution is used by professional contract cleaners in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. All products are safe to use, and have efficient buffing properties and great results.


Long Life:
Assures maximum protection for floors. It is exceptionally resistant to soil and water.

High Gloss Finish:
Brilliant buffs readily to a high glass finish that freshens colors and bring out all the natural beauty in the flooring.

Wear Resistant:
Buffing process results in a hard, baked on finish that resists marking and soil penetration. Reducing the need for frequent stripping and re-coating.

Slip Resistant:
Has non-slip properties that helps prevent accidents and promotes floor safety.

Easily Applied:
Spray buffed with high speed burnishing machine with the speed ranges from 400 rpm to 1200 rpm.


  1. Floor has to be pre-cleaned, wet or dry mop depending on requirement.
  2. Apply with a low pressure sprayer to lightly mist a small area.
  3. Using a red pad, buff untill gloss is restored.
  4. Continue operation untill the entire area is completed.

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