Floor CleanersProductDescriptionPackingDimensions
Multikleen - Multipurpose Cleaner (Neutral)This multi-purpose cleaner, produces an effective cleaning liquid to remove soil age, ingrained dirt & grease quickly and safely. It has a neutral pH & is safe for use on a variety of washable surfaces, biodegradable.2 x 10 ltr /carton240mm x 360mm x 370mm
NSA Kleen - Multipurpose Cleaner (Alkaline)A Non-Solvent Alkaline Multi-Purpose super cleaner, for variety of hard surfaces and difficult soils. Mildly alkaline. For all general cleaning purposes including counter tops, floors, walls.2 x 10 ltr /carton240mm x 360mm x 370mm
Jensan - Bacteriostatic Multipurpose CleanerMulti-purpose floor & wall cleaner with bacteriostatic properties. Will clean, deodorize and sanitize a variety of surfaces in one operation. It has a neutral pH and with its cleaning power & fresh Jen scent, it is ideal for use as a general all purpose cleaner and sanitizer2 x 10 ltr /carton 240mm x 360mm x 370mm
Mosaic Kleen - Mosaic CleanerA unique acidic disinfectant specially formulated for mosaic, tiles, bathtubs and toilet bowls. It effectively removes stubborn dirt and grime leaving your kitchen and bathrooms clean and sterile. 2 x 10 ltr /carton 240mm x 360mm x 370mm
Cemover - Cement CleanerFast acting deep penetrating to dissolve into cement. Safe guard against metal corrosion through anti-corrosion compounds. Widely used to remove cement (left behind from construction) on mosaic and other ceramic tiles.2 x 10 ltr /carton240mm x 360mm x 370mm
Excel Strip - Wax StripperUnlocks metalized emulsion polishes, makes removal easy and economical. Effective heavy duty detergent - ideal for all hard surface cleaning jobs. Fast penetrating action - rapidly loosens and disperses embedded dirt and waxes.2 x 10 ltr /carton240mm x 360mm x 370mm

Washroom CleanersProductDescriptionPackingDimensions
Bowl Clean - Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Acidic)A heavy duty acid bowl cleaner made with detergents and emulsifiers, to quickly clean and deodorize highly encrusted and stained porcelain. Clean Bowl is effective in hard water areas where lime, calcium and other tough mineral buildups are found. Eliminates rust stains and is safe on plumbing and septic systems.2 x 10 ltr /carton 240mm x 360mm x 370mm
Sinxza - Mosaic, Tiles & Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Alkaline)A slightly viscous liquid containing no acids, It is specifically made for cleaning toilet bowls and other restroom fixtures. it removes all mineral and organic deposits including calcium, lime, urine and fecal stains.2 x 10 ltr /carton 240mm x 360mm x 370mm
Deo Block - PDCB Deodorant BlockDeo Block is employed in most washrooms, specially in the urinal bowl and w.c. bowl. The strong deodorising power of Deo block will quickly eliminate offensive malodour that persists in washrooms.20kg /box
Pine Jel - Sanitizer, Deodorizer & GermicidalA highly concentrated pine disinfectant which is suitable for disinfecting surfaces, laundries, sickrooms, drains and toilets.2 x 10 ltr /carton240mm x 360mm x 370mm
3in1 Sanitizer - Freshener, Sanitizer & DeodoriserDeodorizes to counter malodours and refreshes with Strawberry, Lemon, Zen Fresh, Kirei and Drakka fragrances. Reduces air-borne bacteria which causes malodours. Serves also as a disinfectant for floors while leaves a refreshing scent.2 x 10 ltr /carton 240mm x 360mm x 370mm

Carpet CleanersProductDescriptionPackingDimensions
Carpeto - Carpet ShampooHigh foam, eases out dirt and stains quickly and effectively. No waxy residue formed after use - Hi Foam dries to a friable powder which is ready to be vacuum away. Suitable to be use in all rotary machine. Great for bonneting.2 x 10 ltr /carton 240mm x 360mm x 370mm
Carpeto (LF) - Low Foam Carpet Shampoo Low foaming upholstery, rugs and carpet cleaner designed for machine application. Most suitable for hot or cold carpet extraction machines.2 x 10 ltr /carton 240mm x 360mm x 370mm
Foamaway - DefoamerEffective defoaming additive specially formulated to control foam formation. Prevents clogging due to foam accumulation in wet vacuums, pumps pipelines and extraction machines. Fully biodegradable.2 x 10 ltr /carton 240mm x 360mm x 370mm

Kitchen CleanersProductDescriptionPackingDimensions
Grease Buster - Heavy Duty DegreaserConcentrated and quick acting, easily removes fat, grease, oil & ingrained soil age. suitable for use on all hard surface. Made for a multitude of applications in kitchen, food processing area and general areas.2 x 10 ltr /carton 240mm x 360mm x 370mm
Glass Sparkle - Glass CleanerGlass Sparkler glass cleaner is specially formulated for fast easy cleaning of glass and other surfaces, leaving the surfaces spotless and sparkling clean without any streaking or spotting marks. 240mm x 360mm x 370mm2 x 10 ltr /carton
Sparkling Kleen - Dish Washing LiquidFast easy cleaning of glass and other surfaces, leaving the surfaces spotless and sparkling.2 x 10 ltr /carton240mm x 360mm x 370mm
Bleacho - Germs, Mildew & Moss EliminatorMulti-Purpose liquid bleach and an effective germ killer Powerful, antibacterial, multi-purpose Bleacho deodorizes areas affected by mildews and moss. Ideal for stains, baby ware, general use around the house, kitchen and bathroom hygiene, toilets, and general use.2 x 10 ltr /carton240mm x 360mm x 370mm
Flyaway - Flies RepellentRemoves flies from kitchens, table surfaces and dining areas, and food preparation areas.2 x 10 ltr /carton240mm x 360mm x 370mm
Enhancer - Stainless Steel PolishIt provides an easy and efficient way to polish and protect stainless steel surfaces. It gives the surface a spotless luster, free from streaks and preserves the natural polished appearance.12 cans / carton
Quoto Extreme - Foul Odor RemoverAn effective malodor control product that counteracts odor with biologically active biodegradable ingredients. Quato eliminates odor at their source. Ready-to-use liquid can be sprayed or misted onto any water safe surface. It is effective in the most malodorous areas. 2 x 10 ltr /carton240mm x 360mm x 370mm

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