Polish and Sealers

Sealer & PolishProductDescriptionPackingDimensions
Tough Seal - Indoor SealerAll acrylic polymer specially designed for use as a seal on resilient floor. It has excellent adhesion, chemical resistance and protective properties when applied. It shows good wear, gloss and leveling properties. it also excellent compatibility with floor polish.5 US Gal
Extreme Seal - Outdoor SealerBased on a modified thermal plastic acrylic emulsion polymer with excellent adhesion, protective properties when applied on concrete or tiles. Extreme Seal shows good wear, gloss and leveling, along with excellent water and detergent resistance. Also excellent compatibility with floor polish. Outdoor/All weather Sealer.5 US Gal
Acell Shine - High Gloss Floor PolishFloor polish with natural high gloss. It is specially formulated with medium-hard, high gloss metal cross linked styrene-acrylic polymer to shine. 5 US Gal
Thermo Shine - Thermoplastic Floor PolishSolid metallized thermal-plastic styrene-acrylic polymers designed to provide maximum durability. The film is clear, flexible and tough. Easily dry buffed or spray buffed to a 'wet-look' gloss.5 US Gal
Buffing Shine - Buffing SolutionBlended from a unique polymer and terpolymer. Unique ingredients allowing film movement under the buffing pad for easy removal and repair of scuff marks. Excellent flow and leveling, high gloss mirror finish.2 x 10 ltr /ctn 240mm x 360mm x 370mm
Mop Shine - Mopping WaxA neutral solution that incorporates wax into its formulation for the purpose of daily mopping. high compatibility with all kind of floor polish.2 x 10 ltr /ctn 240mm x 360mm x 370mm