Floor Polish Shine C230

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A more efficient way to keep floors gleaming

Floor Polish Shine C230 is detergent resistant, high gloss floor polish designed for easy maintenance in heavy traffic areas. Soil and moisture resistant, withstands repeated washing without deteriorating. It guards against scuffing and marking, and stands up to wear and tear, greatly reducing the need for frequent stripping and refinishing.

Floor Polish Shine C230 provides an exceptionally velar film that enhances floor appearance without yellowing. It has superior leveling qualities to spread evenly and easily, saving time and labors.

Floor Polish Shine C230 is makes the floors slip-resistant, promotes floor safety and helps avoid accidents. If desired, it may be spray–buffed for easier maintenance of heavy traffic areas. If necessary, C230 can be removed readily with floor stripper.


Floor Polish Shine C230 reduces maintenance costs in three important ways:

  1. Easy to apply, goes on quickly and evenly, saving time and labor.
  2. Easy to maintain, resist scuffing and marking, requires less frequent maintenance.
  3. Long lasting finish, tough glossy finish resists moisture and detergents, and requires less frequent stripping and re-coating.

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