General Purpose Cleaner C790

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Versatile General Purpose Cleaner

General Purpose Cleaner C790 is a versatile liquid for manual ware washing as well as cleaning a wide variety of surfaces. Makes every cleaning job easier. For use with a variety of environment. This general purpose cleaner, produces an effective cleaning liquid to remove soil age, ingrained dirt & grease quickly and safely. It has a neutral pH & is safe for use on a variety of washable surfaces, and is biodegradable.

Real Economy in a General Purpose Liquid Detergent
A little C790 goes a long way. C790 is an economical concentrated liquid for all washing needs. C790 cleans more greasy soiled pots and pans, dishes and utensils. Rinses clean.

Easy On The Hands
C790 is pleasant to use. Near-neutral ph makes it easy on hands and makes for safe cleaning. It contains no harsh abrasives that can damage your skin.

Controlled Dispenser
C790 can be dispensed right at the sink by using pump operated, liquid detergent dispenser. Proper dispensing can help you control the cost of cleaning.

All Purpose Cleaning
Dilute C790 in water for all general cleaning needs. For use on all kitchen surfaces such as walls, floors, counters and equipment.


GENERAL CLEANING, mix 1:50 to 100 parts water.
HEAVY DUTY CLEANING, mix 1:10 to 25 parts water.

Thoroughly rinse all food preparation utensils and food contact surfaces with portable water.

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