Grease Buster C728

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Grease Buster C728 Heavy Duty Degreaser

DEGREASER 728 is a unique blend of low odor solvents and emulsifiers formulated to clean heavy grease. Specially designed for cleaning and upgrading of workshops and factory floors. Grease Buster C728 can be used to remove a variety of greases, oils and other organic soils. It is safe on all metals and coatings. It can be rinsed with either fresh or sea water.

Suitable for metals, factory floors, and vehicle repair workshop. Oil and grease accumulations on diesel engine exteriors, compressors, pumps and other machinery are quickly ad easily removed with DEGREASER C728. Spray brush DEGREASER 728 onto the surface to be cleaned. Flush off with pressure stream of water.

It is suitable for use as oil spill dispersant for factory floors, vehicle repair shops etc. It can be diluted with water as a general purpose cleaner.

Safe to use, Non-polluting, Non-inflammable and biodegrade, making it safe for storage and disposal.


Degreasing and stain removal, mix 1:5 to 20 parts of water
General purpose cleaner, mix 1:50 to 100 parts of water

Tanks are easily cleaned with Degreaser C728. Spray directly on entire surface or introduce in wash water. Because of the high quantity of emulsifiers in Degreaser C728, areas that accumulate grease can be cleaned and rinsed freely.

Degreaser C728 can be used straight or diluted with water according to severity of cleaning job. It can be applied by brushing, mopping, dipping or spraying. Allow Degreaser C728 to penetrate soil for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with fresh or sea water.


  • Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin. Use gloves.
  • Use in well-ventilated area and keep away from open flame. See additional precautions on drum label.

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