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Liquid Handsoap C619

Added by on November 18th, 2010, filed under Body Care

A viscous, pleasantly-scented (Apple, Lemon, Dracca & Bubble Gum), hand soap formulated to remove a wide range of soils, grease, and stains. It gently cleanses without drying your hands, making it ideal for everyday use.

  • Safe and effective removal of ingrained dirt, grease, ink, carbon.
  • Contains no abrasives, solvents or caustics
  • The incorporation of a powerful germicide will help in the prevention of dermatitis and skin infection.
  • Leaves skin comfortably soft and clean without any film or residue.

Directions Of Use:

  1. Apply a small amount to dry hand and rub well until soil is loosened.
  2. Wipe of or rinse off with water.

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