Window Cleaner C882

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Spray On Window Cleaner C882

Window Cleaner C882 is a spray–on glass cleaning liquid specially designed to quickly and economically clean dirt and grease from window glass and all glazed surfaces. C882 is ideal for maintenance cleaning in hospitals, offices, shops and factories, wherever there is glass to be cleaned.

This product is a blue liquid cleaner. When used as directed it is non-toxic, and safe to use. C – 882 will not detrimentally affect surrounding paintwork or furniture.


  • Quick and easy to use, just spray onto the surface to be cleaned and wipe off with a paper towel, lint free cloth, or squeegee.
  • No buffing or polishing C882 leaves any glazed surface bright and shining clean.
  • Eliminates streaking or smudging, a problem that has traditionally been associated with cleaning glazed surfaces.
  • For more economical usage C882 can be diluted in 5 parts of water for normal maintenance.


  1. For the best results, simply spray concentrated C882 on, and wipe clean with a paper towel or squeegee. No preparation of the surface is necessary, C882 easily remove marks, smudges, finger prints, dirt and grease.
  2. If a paper towel or spray is not available, a cloth may be dampened with C882 and the surface wiped clean. Occasionally smudging may occur with this method, it is therefore not recommended for the best results.

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